Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Washington D.C.

After we left Philadelphia we headed to D.C. to catch a session at the temple that evening. The drive to the temple, with it coming out of nowhere, did not disappoint. It was such a great experience, I'm sure I will never get over that way again, and I'm glad we gotta go. 

The next morning we headed into the capitol. We were expecting horrible traffic, but we did not hit any and the drive was actually quite lovely.

We stopped at the Washington Monument first, but this is about as close as we got.

I saw this blue bird on the way to the White House and just had to snap a picture.

The view of the monument from the White House.
The man in the back is telling everyone to leave 
because someone important is coming down the street.

The White House

I thought these ducklings on the WWII monument were cute.

Bye bye Massachusetts!

The new WWII monument.

Each one of those stars behind Bob represents (I think) 5,000 people killed.

California here we come!

What the? The reflection pool was completely ripped up. Talk about a rip off!

Pretty awesome view huh? Not!

Lincoln Memorial

Another view that could have been awesome.

We also did some Smithsonian stuff that day which will come in another post. I'm sorry I'm taking forever to catch up, but our now SUPER slow internet makes it take forever to upload pictures, so I completely lack motivation. I still have so much to post though, just to get us to Gridley. I will try to be better.

Monday, August 1, 2011


We spent our second day of our trip in Philadelpia. We only saw the touristy stuff, but I still enjoyed it. The best part of the day was definitely eating at Tony Lukes. What a great, authentic Philly Cheese Steak.

I think they called this the Moon Tree because it was once taken to the moon.
It looks like it didn't fare too well!

We toured the U.S. Mint and bought Ezra a giant coin. The boy loves his "monies".

I'm not sure what all these flags represent but I made everyone point to the one they liked best.

We got to see these soldiers rope those young'ens into joining the continental army.

A statue that I don't remember.
Note Independence Hall under construction. Turns out most everywhere we went
had stuff under construction. We didn't have the best of luck.

I believe this was a "tomb of the unknown soldier".
Not the be confused with the "tomb of the unknown soldier".

Oh man, these sandwiches were so tasty. I only wish I could make them that good.