Monday, August 18, 2008

Don't be jealous but this is #4!

Well back on the 8th we got yet another ultrasound. We were supposed to be finding out more about whether or not our baby had a cleft palate in addition to the lip. As it turns out the ultrasound was not as informative as we had expected. I walked away a little disappointed. (I think I was just tired and ornery because it was early.) The first tech that we had wasn't so good at figuring out how to give us a good 3-D picture, but she got some pretty good profile shots. They always seem to take them on the side opposite the cleft lip.

She left the room and the tech we had last time came in and took some better pictures. He got some really amazing 3-D ones showing us the cleft lip, but then he ripped them off and kept them. I was kind of mad because I knew all of you would be able to see the cleft in those, and actually tell what you were looking at. Next we had a doctor fresh out of school come in and practice, and then the main ultrasound doctor came in and looked at our little guy. She didn't really have any news for us except that he was growing normally and looked good. A nurse and our genetic counselor came in and they got a consent to send our info to the surgeon at Childrens Hospital and scheduled us another appointment. We are pretty popular when we come in. It looks like we will get an ultrasound every month until our little guy arrives.

All in all it was really fun to look at our little guy. His skull was more formed so he looked more normal. They told us it will be even more fun when he starts to fatten up. We will get a better idea of what he will look like. We will meet with our surgeon in October, and that ought to answer a lot of our questions. As for now we are loving feeling and especially watching my belly move as our little guy shows us just how much he loves to be active. We are getting more and more excited for him to come out so we can snuggle with him. But all in due time I guess.