Monday, August 31, 2009

Airforce Pilot, football player, snowboarder...

you name it, and Ezra is ready for it. All you need is a sweet custom made helmet and your 9 month old can do it too. Ezra got his helmet last week and has been doing so well with it. You could tell he was feeling top heavy the first day because he would reach for a toy and face plant. He wears it 22-23 hours a day now and it hasn't affected his sleeping one bit. I think he looks totally adorable in it. What a tough guy (and now a little more durable). As a little sidenote on Ezra's progress, we had decided that Ezra's size 1-2 diapers from Costco were getting a little small so we broke down and got size 3's. They were HUGE! I had to roll them down and everything. So needless to say I had to get online and buy him some size 2's. (Costco brand doesn't have a size 2.) They are still a littel big but totally doable. How sad is it that my little guy is almost nine months old and just now getting into size 2 diapers?

Some sweet sweaty helmet hair!

My little man in his church clothes (thanks Anne). So grown up don't you think?
I found Ezra in his crib with the nipple taken off of his bed bottle.
We hit up a splash park before the helmet sentence began.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Home, but not quite home.

When we got home from visiting family we didn't have time to enjoy the house we had cleaned before we left. We were home for three days before we headed to the Bowman's (a family in our ward) to house/dog sit. We were there for just under two weeks, came home for a week, and then went back for another weekend. While we were there we managed to come home just enough to make a mess of our house. Oh well such is life. We really enjoyed the central air, big screen TV's, back yard, and having a washer and dryer. The dog wasn't too bad either. Ezra really liked him. I guess when you can't have cousins around a dog is the next best thing.

After experiences like this Bob wanted Ezra to have a chance not being the horse,
so they would chase Cosmo around the house trying to let Ezra get a ride.

Of all of Cosmo's toys he enjoyed a good stogie the most.
(It's actually a pine cone.)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Utah Part II

For day two in Utah we stayed at my parent's all day. It was pretty impressive considering their house was still in disrepair from the flood. (You may notice the dishwasher in front of the fireplace in on the the pictures. And not pictured was the fridge in the den.) Everyone came to us and we just played games and ate to our hearts content. Annie even brought me some Kiwi Strawberry Shasta (I love that stuff). I can't believe how much everyone has grown. I hardly recognized Avery, and called him Briton about 300 times (Sorry again). Trey and Tate have gotten so much bigger and it was nice to be able to play games with them. My mom also arranged for some people from the ward to come and see me. It was such a pleasant suprise. There are a lot of people from that ward who are like family to me. The next day we went and saw Grandma Lundin and Aunt Linda. Hopefully it won't be the last time we see them. It was a quick but full and fun trip.

Brandon was shaking the boys and obviosly Ezra was loving it!

Practicing his poker face (not to be used for poker, of course)

I love the hair in this one!

Talya and I did some coloring.
She has gotten really good just in time for Kindergarten.

Luckily Keian brought all his Cars for the boys to play with.
However, at the moment Ezra was more into
attacking the sleeping giant named Grandpa!

He went a little crazy on G-ma Lundin's lap!

Got one more quick laugh from G-pa Denos before heading out!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Utah Part I

On Monday Ezra and I headed to Utah. Luckily the flight wasn't full so Ezra and I got a row to ourselves, and it was a short flight. We got to Grandma Denos' house and saw Jett for the first time. He is such a cutie. That night we had a BBQ at Rick and MaryAnn's. The food was delicious, the swimming was refreshing, but the best part was definitely the family. I was glad everyone got to see Ezra, but it was so good for me to get to see everyone. Everyone is getting so big (the kids that is) and I hardly even recognized Avery! I just wish I had taken more pictures of everyone.

We met Denise for the first time! Isn't she a cutie!

I know this isn't the greatest picture, but I wanted a pic with Natalia
since Cory and Natalia announced they are preggers!
Hooray for more cousins!

Their pool was much warmer and Ezra LOVED it. We stole a floatie from Jett and Ezra literally did laps. He would swim around until he hit a side and then someone would turn him around. I made him go from one end to the other, the long way just to say he really did a lap. Ezra also went down the water slide three times. Like Dayna said on her blog, watch out Makena! I even got do engage in a floatie war with the boys!

Again this is a bad pic, but Tate loved getting thrown in the
pool about as much as the boys loved throwing him in.

Doesn't Calvin have the cutest body ever! He should be a baby model!

The best part of the trip!

On Saturday we were so excited to go to Ava's sealing. Before we headed to the temple though we got some Pizza at a place that is like Chuck-E-Cheese up one. It was good and we even had Ezra ride on a little ride. The funny thing was that with all the flashing lights in the game area Ezra was most interested in the ceiling fans.

The temple was such a special experience. I was more emotional than I expected (that happens a lot since I had Ezra) but it was so amazing. We are so glad to have Ava as part of our forever family. Congrats Rich, Lisa, and Ava.

California Part III

Ezra got sick on Monday for the first time in his life. I blame Bob, since he got sick first. Ezra just had a fever and a runny nose.

Despite being sick, we discovered that Ezra loves bubbles.
Luckily he was doing better the next day and we were able to go to the Zoo with everyone else while Bob spent a day in the dental office. Ezra slept through a lot of the Zoo and Fairlytale Town, but since he was still getting better I don't blame him. I'm just glad that Rich and Lisa had an extra stroller. Thanks guys, and Grandma B, for the fun day.

It's hard to see but there is an anteater behind us.

Monkey see, monkey do.
The monkeys woke Ezra up but he seems pretty happy about it!

The rest of the cousins enjoyins some fish while Ezra napped.

More California...

Saturday everyone came over to Grandma and Grandpa's and we went swimming. This was Ezra's very first time swimming.

He didn't like the cold water, so it took us a while to ease him into it. Once he got in the "hot pool" (the hot tub) he was all smiles.

It was nice to spend some more time with all the family (minus Craig) and cool off a bit. On Sunday we did some more hanging out and had a really nice FHE. Bob's dad shared some really special experiences that he has had in his life. It was really uplifting, and touching. We are really blessed to have such wonderful family.

Ava and Ezra with Uncle Steve

Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm sure we will post quite a bit over the next few days to try and catch up but we are finally posting about our trip to CA. Ezra did amazingly well on the plane. He stayed awake a lot more than I expected but was totally happy. He loved to look at all the other people and they were, for the most part, happy to see him.

We got there super late, but started the next morning off bright and early.

Ezra got to sleep in his daddy's old crib!

Ezra got to meet the Doug Bowling family for the first time that morning and then we headed over to Great Granpa B. and Aunt Sharron's house for a family picnic. There we met Lily and Ava for the first time, and everyone got to meet Ezra for the first time (exculding Bob's parents).

Lilly, Ava, and Ezra

4 Generations

After that we went Bowling and none of us really lived up to our name, but we had a good time.

Ezra and Ava got to know each other while the rest of us bowled.

That night we had a BBQ at Dave and Jessica's. Ezra got a little slap happy he was so tired, but the cousins took full advantage of making him laugh. My favorite part was when Ian asked me if he was laughing or crying. (They both sound a bit like a donkey.)

Captain Insano (Parker) started it with this... which led to this...

All in all it was a busy but fun first day in CA. Ezra even survived his first time feeling heat over 100.