Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Be leery of a dry diaper!

Because Ezra has been sick this week (see previous post) he has really lost his appetite. I feel like we bribe him with his favorites (yogurt, cheese sticks, banana's, etc.) and he still has pretty much no interest in any of it. He also was drinking a lot less. We even gave him milk in his bottle twice just to get fluids in him. (He has been bottle free for almost two weeks now!) I even made him some Carnation Instant Breakfast (chocolate milk) to encourage some liquid and nutrient intake to no avail. Anyways this all leads up to tonight.... Bob is undressing Ezra for his bath and shows me Ezra's diaper. He says: This diaper isn't very wet. In the mean time I hear some tinkling and look over to see Ezra peeing while he stands naked just outside the bathtub! We both just cracked up. Earlier today he peed all over during a particularly long diaper change...needless to say I think he is doing just fine. Enjoy the sweet hair pics!

Be careful what you wish for!

Last week I was going CRAZY! I felt like I finally knew why everyone always asked me if I was bored at home. Ezra and I were doing the same thing all day everyday and both of us were becoming quite bored. There just isn't much to do when it is freezing cold, yucky floors everywhere, and your child is one and still crawling. I tried to do some crafts with Ezra, but lets face it he would still rather eat all things involved than make anything. We did manage to get Valentines made and sent out to the Grandparents. Bob had been working and had the Yankee Dental Convention which kept him away for the last three Saturdays, and we had the coldest days of the winter (how does a high of 15, with the wind chill from 50 mph winds the news said it felt like 1 degree, sound to you?) so I was really starting to feel stuck in the house.

The Valentine aftermath. (It's hard to see but that water has a nice red tinge.)

I finally reserved library passes for the Children's Museum, we picked up Bob from class and enjoyed a couple of hours letting Ezra do whatever he felt like. It was wonderful. I think we all felt a lot better and it only set us back $6 (we found street parking). I think we will hit it up a lot more over the next couple of months.

Fast forward to 11:20pm...Bob and I are just saying our prayers and we hear this horrible sound coming from Ezra's room. Bob runs in there and Ezra is screaming in between gasps for air and trying to gag himself. I took him from Bob and pounded on his back while holding him face down and encouraged coughing thinking that he just had a lot of phlegm in his throat. Bob threw on clothes and then took Ezra while I got dressed. We flew (despite my order for Bob to drive calmly) to the ER and by the time we got there he was doing a little better, but still struggling. By the time we got a room and the doctor came in Ezra was breathing normally and had calmed down. As soon as they heard him cough they diagnosed him with croup (which is what we suspected), gave him a steroid to help open his airway, and kept us for a little bit for observation. They told us what to do if it happened again (turn the shower on as hot as it will go and stick him in the closed off bathroom, or take him out in the cold) and sent us on our way. It was a little frustrating because had we known what to do we would not have taken him to the ER, but breathing issues are not something to mess with so I don't regret our decision. We took him for a follow up the next day with Dr. Potee and he already did not have the "barky" cough anymore. So for better or for worse this week has not been as uneventful as the weeks previous!
Here he is smiling despite being in the hospital (as usual)!