Thursday, May 20, 2010


Ezra does not perform well for the camera, but apparently if you make him think he is doing it to get the camera he will a little. We got him to say a few of his words tonight and thought we would share with you. I know he doesn't have the best diction, but he says over forty words regularly. He knows a lot of animals, but for about half of them he says the sound they make instead of their name. When he says "ah ah" that is how he says "baa". My favorite words that he has learned the past few weeks are "hyena" and "Jesus". I love when we are walking the halls at church and he says "Jesus" while pointing at picture of Jesus on the walls.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The tomatoes are in!

We got started a little earlier this year with our tomatoes in hopes that we would have more success than last year. Ezra LOVED "helping" Bob plant them in our little planter box. He still loves to go out and check on them and dig in the dirt a little. We bought one grape tomato plant and one big tomato plant. Ezra is going to love picking the tomatoes. Grape tomatoes are one of his favorite foods.
Check out that awesome drool!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Next American Idol?

Okay it is a well known fact that Ezra comes from two families with no musical talent. Sorry everyone, but it is true. Despite this Ezra loves to sing. It is hard to get him to perform for the camera, so you are also going to enjoy my lovely fake singing voice, and sadly my real singing voice is not much better. Some were just meant to sing, and some were meant to listen.