Monday, February 13, 2012

The rest of December

We had a great December with lots of family around (something we haven't had pretty much since we got married). It was so wonderful, even if at times I kind of missed when it was just us. Ezra LOVED having Parker and Zoie stay with us and was oh so depressed when they left. Ezra thought it was the best Christmas ever, but when church went for over an hour longer than it was supposed to I was in such a sour mood! I was completely unprepared to entertain a three year old for that long (as was pretty much everyone else there) so everyone was seeming pretty annoyed. A good number of people just got up and left. I felt totally guilty having that attitude about Church especially on Christmas. Pretty lame huh! Luckily I vented and the rest of the day went much better.

 Ezra was mostly excited about the candy cane, rather than Santa and the Mrs.
 These are cookies I made for Bob's work party. Thanks Anne for all the help!

 We went hiking at Bald Rock with the McDowells. It was a lot of fun!

 We also did some repelling while we were there.  I repelled too, but Bob was too busy
checking out my booty or something so there is no photographic evidence. It was fun!

On Christmas Eve we had just put Ezra to bed when Dave came over to return Parker and Zoie's blankets. He knocked then opened the door with a deep "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas". Ezra started shouting "Santa is here, Santa is here!" It was pretty funny, and he wasn't too disappointed when we told him it was just Uncle Dave and that Santa wouldn't come until he was asleep.
 Ezra was pretty excited to see his name! Santa brought him an easel! 
It has been getting some good use, way to go Santa!

 I didn't take many pictures on Christmas, 
but this shows you some of the madness opening presents with all the cousins.
Luckily most of the presents were already opened. 
These are just from Grandma and Grandpa and the cousins.

 Enjoying the toys! (This was actually supposed to be for his Birthday, but I forgot about it.
Good thing Christmas is only 3 weeks later!)

 Everybody liked Abby's gift from Santa!

The traditional New Year's Pinata! Can you tell Bob and Ezra picked it out.
He still needs to work on his candy pick up skills. He gets a couple of things and then 
runs off to enjoy the spoils. Someday he will figure out to go for quantity!