Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1 month to go!

Here is a quick little shot of my belly at one month left. The Dr. said I was measuring small at my last visit (she thinks Ezra is staying deep and wide?). Ezra on the other hand has been measuring on the large size, so I guess it is a great combination. I have gained 27 lbs. so far.

I only get uncomfortable at the end of the day when my back has had enough, but a good nights rest with a few potty breaks usually does the trick. Bob also has to rub my legs because I have a tendancy to get leg cramps at night but other than that all is well. I really feel exceptionally great. I don't feel like Ezra needs to go, but Bob and I are getting super excited to see him. I plan on packing my hospital bag today and keeping it in the car, so I think we are all prepared (except the bottles).