Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Adventures

Fall is now upon us and I think that it has sparked us into action. We've been busy these last few weekends and I chalk it up to upcoming weather. I'm sure for a while our adventures will be limited to sledding all too soon. Last week we went to the Science Museum in Boston/Cambridge (thanks VanDusen's and Belmont Library for the cheap admission). Yesterday we went to Kimball Farm for mini-golf and ice cream. It's always nice to have large portions of ice cream before dinner!

Ezra Learning about convex and concave mirrors in the Math section

I guess Ezra's feet aren't that big....comparatively

The course was pretty impressive. There were actually two
courses - this one being the Forbidden Mine.

Bonus Video: Ezra having fun at home with daddy

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ezra must get his luck from me!

I have been going to the dental school to be Bob's patient just out of pity. I have great teeth and thought that I would just get a lot of cleanings over the next two years...well I thought wrong. It turns out that one of my perfect little teeth needs a root canal. Apparently at some point one of my front teeth has suffered some trauma (I have no recollection of such) and is now having internal resorption. Basically it means that my body is eating my tooth from the inside out and in order to stop it I have to get a root canal. I am soooo not excited. I have always prided myself on my good teeth. At least the root canal is not due to poor hygiene. I also have a minor cavity that has been monitored for the last four years (my uncle and Bob's dad both said to save it for Bob's boards), but the faculty member said Bob should do it now. Also while he is in that area he is going to replace a really small amalgam filling with a composite because it is "beat up". So the good news out of all of this is that Bob is going to have a very reliable patient with some pretty good things for him to do for the first time. Oh joy!

I do have a little better luck in pie making though. I won best looking pie for my apricot cranberry pie! I probably only won because Bob helped and he has better luck than me!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 months and counting!

On September 3rd I celebrated that Ezra had been out of me for as many weeks as he had been in me and then on the 4th he reached the nine month mark. Our little man is getting so big. Some of the things he enjoys right now are clapping, growling, singing, vigorously shaking his head no, standing (not on his own), peek-a-boo, making noise while pounding his chest and, as usual, jumping. I got really excited that he recently started making the "g" sound (it is supposed to be difficult for baby's with a cleft palate to make hard consanant sounds). He is so smart and can turn on some of his toys all by himself, unfortunately for me they are annoying ones. He is also a really good eater that likes to feed himself and he just got another tooth, this time a top one.

Mom had a little fun with some pipe cleaners!

He was such a trooper on the 9th and went to 3 doctors appointments and our WIC appointment. He was incredibly tired but still so happy and smiley with everyone. He even survived getting a flu vaccination and getting his blood drawn for lead testing. What a trooper! He now weighs 18lbs 3 oz which put him up to the 25th percentile from the 10th (wahoo!), and is 29.5 inches long, still in the 90th percentile. When we got home he took a much needed nap. We are getting pretty excited for his last surgery next month and then most of this crazy year will be behind us. We love Ezra so much and are so grateful that Heavenly Father sent us such a special little guy.

Franklin Park Zoo

What a handsome owl!
Emily Russ invited Ezra and I to go along with her kids on a field trip to the zoo. She told me not to get my hopes up too high, because it isn't the greatest zoo ever, bet I thought it was much better than the Sacramento Zoo, and Ezra stayed awake for a lot more of it. They had a lot of big animals which was nice because Ezra notices those ones. We saw wildebeasts, zebras, ostriches, tigers, a lion, and a couple giraffes, among others.

Ezra and the Lion's den (with Abby and Zack)

Ezra being ostrichsized
One of the things that I got excited about was that they had a white tiger, and I found it interesting because.....
- all white tigers in captivity have been bread from a single white tiger that was captured in the 50's.
- this has caused inbreeding which has lead to a number of health problems including CLEFT PALATES.
now Ezra certainly is not inbred but I thought it was cool that him and some baby white tigers could be friends.

Anyways you all probably think I am crazy but we had a good time. Thanks Russ' for letting us tag along.