Monday, November 30, 2009

The New England Aquarium

So it is basically a fact that to be a Bowling you have to enjoy the ocean (usually from underneath it rather than at it's shores), so we took Ezra to the NE Aquarium. It was really crowded when we went and not as big as I expected, so I am really glad we got discount passes from the library. Ezra got scared of some big ugly fish near the top of the big tank, and then preferred to have one of us holding him to look in the big tank! They had a lot of cool things though. My personal favorite was the sea horses, they also had a bunch of leafy sea dragons, some huge sea turtles and a really cool octopus that liked to show off. Due to the crowds I didn't get the greatest pictures but enjoy!

Ezra rode the Subway for the first time so we could save on parking!

They had some nice sea horses, this one is just a plain brown one.

The white looking thing is a leafy sea dragon.

This is the show off Octopus. Sorry about the blur!

Not that you can tell but that is the sea horse tank behind us!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Third generation?

Ever since he has had any degree of manual dexterity, Ezra has enjoyed exploring my mouth. He likes to scrape at my teeth and stares with some sort of fascination. Maybe it's just because I let him do an activity that would otherwise be taboo but I like to think he really does like teeth. His most recent development is that we can no longer brush our teeth in peace. If he sees EmmaLee or me brushing our teeth he wants his own tooth brush to "brush" his teeth with. We'll have to work on proper technique further down the road! What ever Ezra chooses to do for a career in many moons from now is fine by me, but I do have some bias and would say that dentistry makes a fine profession.

Performing an intra oral exam

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First Hair Cut

Last Thursday we cut Ezra's hair for the first time. Bob has been bothering me to do it for weeks, and I finally felt brave enough so we did it. It was really long, and stuck out way over his ears, even with his helmet on. I never thought I would be the kind of mom to get emotional over things like haircuts and the first day of school, but apparently I am. I didn't cry or anything (I hate crying and did not do it during any of his surgeries, so why do it over a hair cut?) but it has been hard to see yet another physical manifestation that my baby is quickly becoming no longer my baby. Luckily he still wears his helmet, so I don't have to be reminded too much. He is an adorable little guy though!

Bonus video: This is why Ezra is not walking just yet, he is too busy doing an Irish Jig every time he is standing!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween and B-day pics!

I want to keep this post short but filled with pictures. We took Ezra Trick or Treating with some girls from our ward. It was a lot of fun and Ezra even picked out his own candy. Bob took Ezra up to most of the doors, but I took him up to a few and gave Bob the camera so that there could be a picture of me and Ezra...what did I find upon the return of the camera....a close up of my rear end (not included). Thanks for the memorable picture Bob!

Sunday was my birthday. It was not too eventful, but we made it to the cemetery for the third year in a row, and Bob spoiled me all day. It was a wonderful day. Bob and Ezra got me a case for my sewing machine (now I don't have to pack it in the box when I am not using it) and these magnetic measuring spoons I have been wanting. Ezra really enjoyed the candles and was a little confused when I blew out the flames. They weren't so exciting anymore!