Thursday, July 14, 2011

New York

We didn't get out of Boston until almost noon, and had to make a stop in CT to see the oh-so-wonderful Russ Family. It was like 2 or 3 before we got to NY. It was a really quick trip and we did only touristy stuff. It is not my favorite place in the world, but we scored a free parking spot. My one regret is that the rest of us didn't give in to Dayna and go on the carriage ride through Central Park. It was dark, and I am sure that we didn't miss much, but I know Dayna would have liked the experience, and now looking back it wouldn't have been a big deal, so we should have just done it. Anyways on to the pictures!

Our first stop was Battery Park to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty!

Thanks to Sherrie, I now like to make people pose like the statues we see.

This is what Bob did while the rest of us looked at the S. of L.
Bob and I had already seen it, so he didn't mind waiting in the car rather than looking for parking.

I'm sure you could have guessed Time Square.

We really wanted to eat at Grays Papaya, but it was closed :( Mine and Dayna's next choice was just a hot dog street vendor. I still can't believe that for all the blocks we walked (and even drove for that matter) we never saw a single one. Talk about lame. We ended up just eating at a chain restaurant for 3x the amount you would pay at any other location. Oh well, what can you do!

By the time we made it to Central Park it was dark. We still took a little walk through.
We saw a raccoon eating out of the garbage and some crazy guy on a bike.

We played with our cameras while in C.P. and this is my favorite one that I took.
I kept getting impatient for it to take it and would move. This was the result.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our last days in Boston

We had some nice days while Bob's parents were still in town that we took advantage of. We went out to Concord and Lexington, and of all the times I have been there this time was the most exciting. They had soldiers in old school garb that went on the bridge and shot off some guns. Ezra was totally scared of the loud noise, but was more than happy to run around the rest of the time. He also enjoyed throwing rock off the bridge.

After Bob's parents left we headed to the Zoo for one last day of fun with the Van Dusens. As usual it wasn't too exciting, but I think that I saw more animals this time than I have ever seen at that zoo. We also started a free roaming peacock enough that he showed us his big beautiful tail. It was the first time I have even seen one do that in real life.

By the time Brandon and Dayna came to town it was considerably hotter. We were down to one little air conditioner and they arrived right in the middle of our yard sale, so it made for a bad (but realistic) first impression of living in Boston. We made up for it that night by going to Kimball Farms for some dinner, mini-golf, and of course their fantastic ice cream. We really owe Justin for all his help with the yard sale and for driving us around that weekend. Thanks!
We also went on a duck tour, did the freedom trail, and lots of packing and sweating. We did throw our mattress off the back porch (well we let it down with ropes) and the movers have no idea how lucky they are that we did. It was a hot and busy few days, but by the end we were ready for our long road trip. We put my parents and Ezra on a plane and headed out the next morning on our adventure.

 At one point in our packing Ezra found some sunscreen and applied it to himself.

 We let Ezra sit in this seat up front while we waited for our driver as long as he didn't touch anything.
I signed "no" to him as he reached for something and this is him signing "no" back at me.

 Not that you could tell from this picture, but they let Ezra drive the duck boat
while we were out on the river. He got two turns and LOVED it.

I didn't feel like making the trek to the USS Constitution so we stayed and hung out by
this fountain while we waited for my Dad and Brandon to get back.