Monday, August 12, 2013

The Babies have arrived! (3 months ago)

Better late than never right. The office finally got the internet, and I am taking advantage by blogging again. I plan on doing a re-cap of basically the whole last year and a half, since that's when I pretty much quit blogging, but first we got to hit the most important thing to happen to us in that time.

I was scheduled for a c-section on Tuesday May 14 and had my last appointment the Friday before. When we woke up that morning for my non-stress test and doctor appointment I noticed that I had lost my mucous plug. I called the doctors office and they told me to come in to labor and delivery instead of the ante-natal testing unit. When we got there they hooked me me up to all the monitors and noticed I was having regular contractions. Luckily they weren't painful, but I wasn't very dilated. The doctor decided to go ahead and take the babies that day and I was scheduled to go in immediately. Luckily Rich and Lisa live relatively close and were able to come get Ezra.

The last belly shot. I really wish we would have gotten a better one, but it all happened so fast.

I really did not enjoy having a c-section, but I didn't have a choice because Tavi was breech. We got to the hospital at around 9 am and the Tavi was born at 11:40 am with Levi right behind her at 11:41. It all went pretty fast and the cord was around Tavi's neck twice, so its a good thing they decided to just take them. Tavi was not breathing quite as well as they wanted so they took her to the NICU and Levi came with me to recovery. Bob went to the NICU with Tavi, so it was nice to have my Mom there to hang out with me in the recovery room. I was bleeding a lot, and they ordered blood for me, but luckily never needed to use it!

Tavilee Bowling
5lb 4 oz
19 inches

Levi James Bowling
6lb 10oz
19 inches

Levi peed on Tavi right away. 
He didn't want her to think that just because she was older he was at all scared of her.

I only got to see Levi because they took Tavi to the NICU right after they got her cleaned up.

 I hated being strapped down, it made it hard to look around.
 I also felt like I couldn't hear well and no one could hear me.
 My face also swelled super bad while in this position
 so I look absolutely awful in all pictures for the next week or so.

 They put Tavi on a CPAP machine, but she pulled it off before they even got to the NICU and they never put it back on.
She was only in there for about 6 hours mostly for observation. 
She did have a small pneumothorax (collapsed lung) but she was showing no symptoms so they weren't too worried.

 Levi stayed with me, but Bob had the camera so we didn't take as many pictures of him.

 See how swollen I look. It's a bit embarrassing.

 Ezra was in love from the first moment! He actually wanted to hold Tavi first,
 but settled for Levi since she hadn't come back from the NICU yet.

Ava got to hold them too, since they brought Ezra.

  Tavi got back pretty quickly though. He is such a great big brother. 

 First family photo! (So swollen its ridiculous!)

 I don't know how we didn't get any grandparent pics, but here is proof that they were there.

 Their first time together in a bed, but certainly not their last.

We shared a room the whole time we were there, except the first night, but it wasn't too bad. We were so busy that we didn't think about Ellie too much, that happened more after we brought them home. We didn't get a ton of pictures because we were too busy trying to catch up on sleep when we weren't holding babies.