Sunday, April 25, 2010

Birthday Pictures

Don't worry if the title made you nervous, no one here had a birthday recently.  Since my parents no longer care for traditional gifts we have to think outside the box a bit when they have a birthday.  For my mom's birthday this year we decided to send her some updated family pictures.  We waited until things bloomed a bit and the trees got leaves which happened to be about the day before Mom's birthday [so she got the electronic version.  (Prints are still in the works Mom.  Maybe you can comment and make some requests.)].  We were planning on taking them at the Mt. Auburn cemetery which is especially beautiful this time of year but it was closed when we got there, so we had to find an impromptu location.  It happened to be a lot colder than we expected so we were freezing through the process, and it was also later than we expected so Ezra was starving.  Despite all that we got a few decent results.  Here they are for your enjoyment (click to enlarge).

The 2nd pick location ended up being the commander mansion
at the Watertown Arsenal near our home.

This Raccoon was in the park across the street
so we snapped a few pictures.

We gave Ezra my watch to try to cheer him up.
This photo caught our reaction to him dropping it!

A special thanks to Johnny Russ our photographer for doing an awesome job!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Casualties of a one year old!

Here is a small sampling of a few things Ezra has blessed with his attention. They are not the worst, but luckily he has not destroyed anything too important. Despite all these losses I have yet to kick up the adult supervision.

My repair jobs might be so great you don't notice, 
but these are just a few of the things Ezra has ripped the covers off of.

He bit off the tip of the highlighter, 
he breaks the tips off of his crayons when he dumps them on the floor, 
and the rest are rubber pieces off Nintendo controllers.

Tampons don't scare this little man!

I think this actually happened before he was one.

Apples are not a challenge...

He even regularly defeats raw onions! (Yuck)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Better late than never...Easter 2010

We started off our weekend with egg decorating before the first session of conference.

Ezra entertained himself while Bob and I finished getting ready. 
He got up there all by himself, with the book and all.

The finished products were photographed 
and then promptly turned into deviled eggs!

Between the conference session we had an Easter picnic and egg hunt. Ezra enjoyed the Egg hunt, but mostly loved being outside. I am sure he would tell you it was the greatest day of his life if he could. We had perfect weather, it was such a blessing.

We couldn't get Ezra interested in opening the eggs. 
I guess 2 weeks of playing with empty eggs made 
them less appealing than playing outside.

He loved walking through this spilled drink. 
He just kept running in circles and laughing.

Bob enjoyed some baby time! The one on the left is 9 1/2 months younger than Ezra, 
and the one of the right is 11 months younger than Ezra.
They both outweigh him, and I think they have for a while.

On Easter morning the Easter Bunny hid Ezra's basket, but it didn't take him long to find it and enjoy the spoils. He got a ball, crayons and a Bible coloring book, a new hot wheels car, bubble bath, and Grandma and Grandpa Lundin really spoiled him with 2 touch and feel books and a kids CD (Thanks!). He didn't even mind that there was no candy. (Partially because mom and dad got plenty.)

We had such a wonderful Easter. Beautiful weather, another amazing General Conference, and a great reminder of the sacrifice Christ made for each us. I find great joy in knowing that He is risen!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Bruce

Grandpa Bowling in training!  Thanks for the present!

Don't mind the mess!