Wednesday, May 11, 2011


As you might expect we have had some changes happening around here. The first being that spring has mostly sprung and we are enjoying the weather being in the 60's. I have always wanted a family picture taken in the Mt. Auburn Cemetery in the spring (or the fall) and this spring was our last chance. Last spring we were too late and the Cemetery was closed. The pictures are kind of last minute, so we aren't dressed super classy or anything but they turned out alright.

 You wouldn't know that I straightened my hair twice prior to this photo shoot.
Dang that humidity! I guess I should have gone curly.

 "To infinity...and beyond"

 Ezra knows how to spell him name, so we were excited to find an Ezra tombstone.

A second change is that I have really started to pack up. It hasn't been too bad, and I think everything will come together pretty smoothly. Ezra has not missed any of the toys that we have packed up yet, and is mostly enjoying the extra space and the boxes. He LOVES to climb on, jump off, color on and hide in the boxes!

We have added a lot of boxes since this picture. Crazy!
Notice how the majority of our boxes are diaper boxes.

The last change is that our fish died. (Sorry Bunkers!) We got him from the Bunkers when they moved away and on the day that we were going to pass him on to someone else he passed away. We had a whole discussion with Ezra about death and I think it went pretty well. If you ask him where his fishy is he will tell you that he ran away to Heavenly Father. The only problem is that I think he kind of thinks that they toilet is how you get to Heavenly Father. Oh well, what can you do? We have actually been having some good conversations around Heavenly Father and prayer. Ezra will often comment on how Heavenly Father is watching us even though we can't see him and that we can talk to him. It is pretty heart warming.

I think this is the only picture of Shark Bait that we have.

We hope you are all having some good changes in your lives too! Change is hard, but exciting!

Monday, May 2, 2011


We had the most beautiful Easter Sunday here in Boston. Unfortunately the day before was not as nice.  It was almost like the storms during the Crucifixion and then wake to the beautiful weather and knowledge of the Resurrection on Easter Morning. We had a nice dinner at a friends house, and it was just a lovely day.

Ezra got to do 2 different Eater egg hunts, one on Friday with primary kids, and another indoor one on Saturday with kids closer to his age. He enjoyed both of them, but still needs a little practice to be competitive. During the first one he would pass up on some eggs and grab others. I guess he knows which ones he is too good for. After he had found his limit he still just enjoyed running around with the other kids who were still looking. At his second hunt he seemed to think he had enough and was less into finding more once he had a few. Luckily we didn't come home with too much candy!

 Thank you to the Bullocks for letting us use their house!

Most of the candy from this hunt didn't even make it home.
While other kids were still looking Ezra was digging in to what he already had.

We also had our annual egg dying party. It was the messiest year to date, but I think everyone had a good time!
 Ezra really enjoyed putting the color tabs in the vinegar.

 This was Austin's first time coloring eggs, and it was pretty awesome to watch.
At first he would crush the eggs in his hand and then throw it into the dye.
Needless to say his mom ended up doing some very hands on helping.

 The Chase's were the only ones to make it to all four years of our Egg Dying Extravaganza.
Aren't they the greatest? (In others defenses they didn't live here all four years.)

I made the multi colored one and Bob did the Black Label and 2-toned one.The rest were all Ezra. 
He is trying to add stickers to them, but the stickers were too old and didn't stick.

On Easter morning the Easter Bunny left Ezra a trail of eggs to follow, which made it much easier for him to find his basket. Daddy was not so lucky and I had to practically tell him where it was. Ezra was pretty spoiled between us and Grandma and Grandpa. He seems to really enjoy all of his spoils though. All in all we had a great day!
 Following the trail!

 He got the rest of the Toy Story figurines he has been earning for cleaning his room.
He also got some Lightening McQueen clogs, Bambi, a new church book, a swimming suit,
some new outfits, and of course candy.

 Testing out his new recorder!

No need to wait for breakfast when you have plenty of candy.
I think he liked the ring pop the best though.