Wednesday, December 14, 2011


There are about a gazillion pictures in this post. I hope you enjoy them. Most are self explanatory. We had a great time this month.

I love that Ezra is getting to spend more time with his Grandparents! They are feeding the fish.

He loves the rain with his rain boots and "boorella"!

We went to a cool park in Chico with the cousins (a term we use to refer to Dave and Jessica's kids). We had a picnic dinner and then went out for ice cream. It doesn't get much better than that.

Bob finally started working this month! Wahoo!

We also went to Bishop's Pumpkin Patch with the cousins. We also had a picnic dinner and ice cream (well I actually had an apple dumpling and Bob had a caramel apple, but you know). Like I said we had a good time this month.

I designed the pumpkin and then Bob and Ezra did the dirty work.
We got our big pumpkin at the pumpkin patch as I am sure you could have guessed.

We were going to be Team Umizoomi for Halloween, but it was looking expensive and we are broke
so we went with this.Ezra still liked it and we pulled it off for under ten bucks.

We had a spooky Halloween dinner. It took all day for me to pull it together.
I don't know that I will do it every year but it was fun!

Bones, monster tongues and spiders. (We tried to go the healthy route rather than candy route.)

Monster eyes, zombie fingers, apple monsters and the veggies they like to eat!

Mummies, puke dip, monkey brains and witches brew.

I also made these worms (thanks Emily). They were quite tasty!

We ate by candlelight and lava lamp with some dry ice special effects.

This in one of the saddest looking ghosts, but this was dessert.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


September was spent breaking into our Gridley life. We played with cousins a lot...

I started working with my Cub scouts...

and Ezra got more brave and would swim in the pool by himself, and jump to Daddy.

I thought it was great when Ezra came down the hall with these stickers on him.
He put the hair sticker by his hair, the shirt on his shirt, the shorts on his shorts,
and shoes on his feet!

 We made Ezra this train track with his tracks and Grandma's tracks combined!

We also had great FHE at the temple with the whole family that lives around (minus the grandparents). Bob gave a wonderful lesson and the food, company, and view were great! Thanks to Rachel for taking over the photography responsibilities.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Graduation Party

We had a graduation party for Bob. To show our thanks for the education Bob has received we made school kits for the church Humanitarian Program. We got all of our family involved and I think it went over well. We are just so glad that Bob is done. He still wasn't working at this part thanks to little lame mistakes on paperwork (not done by Bob but his school and the sheriff's office) but thankfully he is working now!

We were in charge of the bags, and I made Bob help me sew them!

I love rice krispies and Bob made this one nice and festive!

We threw in a little August birthday party too. 
All the family was there, even Great Grandpa Bowling and the Oregon Bowlings.
Unfortunately the LA McDowells bishop died unexpectedly so Craig had to run the ward.
We missed them, but luckily they got to come visit a little bit later.

Aren't those bags stylish. I hope the kids like them.

That bag on top was by far the craziest. Hopefully some child will think it is awsome!