Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Miles for Miracles

For those of you who have already been contacted about this you can ignore this post. For everyone else...

We are participating in "Miles for Miracles", a fundraiser for Children's Hospital Boston. As you all may know, Ezra was treated for cleft lip and palate there, and you can all see that they did an amazing job. What a great way to help children in need! Our team needs to raise $1000 for the event. If you feel that you can afford to donate please follow one of these links to do so.

(One is for Bob and one for EmmaLee but either will go towards our team total.) Every little bit counts, and we really appreciate your support!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Year!

We could wait a little and have this post be for the Chinese New Year, but I just want to get it over with. We had two blizzards the last few weeks and Ezra really likes the snow now. Thankfully we scored some free snow boots (Thanks Thomas') so he stays dry while tromping through the snow! Our friends came over the day of the last one to play outside some while the men shoveled. It ends up being one of the few times we actually see a lot of our neighbors.

Our neighbor built this little snow cave for her son. She is a more fun mom than me.

I surprisingly got released from Young Womens, and despite only having five months left in Boston was called to Cub Scouts. I think it will be a fun calling, especially if I can manage to somewhat control 11 nine year olds. I feel really unprepared given that I know next to nothing about scouting. You think growing up in the middle of five boys I would know a little more, but all I can remember is my Mom in a yellow scout shirt (I assume while she was over Cub Scouts) and an Arrow of Light thing hanging in my brothers room. Bob keeps saying things like "You can just say belt loop and everyone else will know what you are talking about." The problem is that I can't remember the names of anything. I figure that this is to help me be prepared for Ezra and to draw closer to my in-laws who are both Silver Beavers. (I am not even sure what that means exactly except that they have done A LOT of scouting.)

Bob started a new work out program called Power 90, and after only a week we can notice improvements. If he keeps with it (which I think he will, it is pretty simple) maybe he will post his before and after pictures. I decided not to do it with him in hopes that I will get pregnant instead. 

Ezra was looking so handsome I couldn't resist an attempt at a photo shoot.

 Unfortunately I lack great photography skills.

Is it possible to get a picture of a two year old without some kind of bump on their head?

Ezra is getting less into naps, but still very much needs them. It just means that I have to go in a lot more before he finally falls asleep. He has such a great imagination and stays entertained with all his new toys for quite a while all by himself. We are excited for a new year full of development for Ezra, it is crazy to think of the differences between a two year old and a three year old. I am not exactly looking forward to potty training this year, but look forward to no diapers. The downside will be getting Ezra's pants to stay up (which they already don't) without the extra bulk. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Moving On

My plans to be caught up by the end of the year were derailed when we were asked to dog sit for two weeks starting on Christmas day. It was really nice to spend two weeks in a beautiful house, where someone else is payed to shovel the snow after a blizzard, and we are not paying for the heat, but it makes it hard to get much done. Ezra really loved Cosmo (the dog) and they played together quite well. He also really enjoyed their Little People Nativity set. One of the first things he did was unhook the cart from the donkey, hook it up to Mary and put the donkey in the back of the cart. I guess he felt sorry for the donkey and decided it was time for a little payback.

He loved to try to snuggle the dog, it didn't matter if he was laying down or not!

Our Christmas was very lovely, and it was so fun to open presents with Ezra. He was so excited about everything. When he opened his first present he got the wrapping paper off and excitedly exclaimed "little box" and then set it aside. It was so funny. I guess he could have been much less spoiled and still been happy. Mrs. Clause wouldn't let Santa put too much candy in Ezra's stocking, and it is a good thing because we spent the first ten minutes or so convincing him to get past the candy. Unfortunately we are still trying to finish off Christmas treats, and Ezra is eating way more candy than any human should.

Unfortunately we did not get a picture of all of us in our new p.j.'s in front of the tree,
 but at least we got one of Ezra.

Once he got past the candy he found some equally exciting fruit and toothpaste.
Thomas toothpaste of course.

 The majority of his haul. Some is not pictured and some came later.
We are very appreciative to everyone and their generosity.