Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I hope the delivery doesn't give us this much trouble!

Well, our excitement continues. EmmaLee thinks it's a little out of control (she is the one who bought the crib). We ordered it online and used our tax rebate to finance it. Thanks Uncle Sam. We ordered it from Wal*Mart and they delivered it to our nearest location for free. That's where things got hairy....
Although they emailed us all the information about the delivery, including the dimensions of the box, we weren't exactly prepared. The box was too big for the back seat! We then tried folding the seat down and using the trunk - no luck. I then had the pleasure of removing each piece and loading them individually into the car - all in the parking lot. The longest pieces barely fit in the back seat. Good thing I'm so good at tetris. We then held the box on top of the car and drove it to the back and tossed it on top of all the boxes they had back there.

This picture doesn't really do justice to how rough a time we had. It was pretty snug back there. You can see above that we couldn't contain our excitement and I wasted no time assembling it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our First Trip to Fenway

We got a little surprise on Friday. Ron called to tell us that they were coming to take us to a Red Sox game at Fenway. The next day Grandpa, Rusty, Rick, and Ron (my Mom's dad and brothers) all showed up at our place. We enjoyed spending the afternoon with them. It was our first time going to a Major League Game. We both really enjoyed the food we got.
We got really good seats right above the bullpen thanks to Grandpa being in a wheelchair. We were looking at the sun most of the game, but we only got a little sunburned.
The Red Sox beat the Brewers 5-3.
This was some guy who kept running from next to the bullpen over to the Sox dugout and then back again really fast. We never figured out what he was doing, but the crowd sure loved him. Everyone was laughing and cheering him on.
Ron, Me, Bob, Rusty, and Rick at the top of the tower.

We had a little time to kill before the game so we went to the Mt. Auburn Cemetery and climbed the tower to get a good view of the city. Grandpa wasn't feeling up to the stairs so he stayed down below and enjoyed a slightly less bird's eye view. We also went to the Temple for a quick photo op. Thanks for the fun day guys!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Announcing the Bowling Bakery

We must apologize for the poor quality of both of these pictures but they are the best we have. We were so excited about the postive pregnancy test we had to take a picture. EmmaLee's first ultrasound was last Friday (May 2) and it turns out that she wasn't as far along as we thought....only 8 weeks instead of 11. Kind of a bummer especially since it puts the due date in December - the 1oth. We hoping he (she) comes a little early so that we can have 3 birthdays in November.

One Little Blog Won't Hurt

Everyone else is doing it...You're not cool if you don't do it. I won't be your friend anymore if you don't. The fun list of cliches goes on, yet they still seem so persuasive. So apparently blogs are the newest cool way to stay in touch and with a little one on the way we have succumbed to blogging. It works well since we are currently on the other side of the country from most of the people we care about (we love our Belmont ward family too though!). We figure this way we can let everyone know what we're up to and how our family is doing. Below is a collage of photos of what we've been up to out here. Please forgive any repeats of the photos in future posts. They are mostly from stuff we do with our friends the Bunkers including our trip to New York City, Sharon Vermont and our girlie date night. Their little girl Avery is in a lot of the pictures. I think Christmas and a few other things are in there. Also, our first dip into the blogging waters reporting our most recent adventure to St. George is included. This is my first blog and I'm sure you'll be able to distinguish between EmmaLee's postings and mine.