Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For your viewing pleasure

Here are a few things that we haven't gotten around to posting, some old, some new. We just want to give you a quick view of some of things going on with us!

We dog sat Cosmo for the Bowmans again and took advantage of some
of their sweet dress up outfits. I think the cowboy get-up is
appropriate to go with the Chuck Norris shirt I'm wearing in the background.

Ezra was really good when we went shopping for some new pants at the mall.
He did a lot of walking there. We're just posting this because he is adorable.

Ezra may be the next star for the E*Trade ads.

Ezra is walking like a pro now. His physical therapist said he made 2 months of progress in 2 weeks.  He already walks better than this video shows. We're posting it so you can see his walking but it's also kind of funny because he just whines the whole time!

Ezra had a "bubble bath."

Ezra learned to face paint.

Daddy grew a thick beard (then promptly shaved).

Ezra looking homeless before his 2nd haircut.

Ezra being shy about his new look.

Daddy got a haircut too.  It's hard to believe his hair used to be lighter than Ezra's!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I don't know why, but at the end of each week I think to myself "Whew, we survived another one.". The trouble is I don't know why I feel that way. Nothing crazy or stressful is going on, I just think we need to get more sleep. Anyways, I guess me feeling crazy is to blame for our complete lack of posting for the last month or so, so here is a ketchup post.
Ezra got a stomach bug that had been going around and threw up twice in his sleep. The poor kid was so tired, but the first time he was so covered that we had to throw him in the bath. The second time we just wiped him down. Luckily we had plenty of sets of sheets to handle the situation. Ezra has also become a lot more confident in his walking, stands on his own when he falls, loves stairs, and has figured out climbing on and off things. He talks all the time and says his version of banana, fishy, daddy, piggy, goat, moo (for cow), ah ah (for sheep, he is trying to say baa), no-no, cheese, hi, hello, bye, diaper, and I'm sure there are others that don't sound enough like the real word for me to figure out. He signs flower, ball, mommy, daddy, eat, gorilla, all done, more, fishy, no, bath, and I'm sure more that I'm not thinking of. We have started to let him use utensils every now and again and he is pretty good.

We occasionally feed him spicy things, and when it starts to burn his mouth he just does this funny yell until we give him a drink and then he is ready for another go. It's just funny that he doesn't cry, just yells. Ezra has become completely obsessed with watching home videos of himself. We have started to limit his home video watching time mostly for my sanity. My favorite thing that he does right now is drive his little hot wheels around and makes sound effects. I will have to get video of it because he is so funny. He likes to count and yell out his abc's, but I am sure that if you are not Bob or me that you would have no idea that is what he is doing. He also LOVES to floss. I was trying to get ready one day and so I strapped him into his chair, gave him some floss and turned on home videos. When I came back in the room he had opened the floss and pulled a ton out. What can you do? I don't want to deter a good habit. I'm just much more careful about where I put the floss now.

Bob and I had some people over for FHE and did an Olympic theme. We did curling with tuna fish cans, made a track and raced Hot Wheels for our bobsleds, we had figure skating, and even did the bi-athalon, where we ran around the house and after each lap you shot rubber bands at a target. I think we all had a lot of fun, and it came together a lot better than expected. Especially the curling (my new favorite winter olympic sport).
This is a re-creation.  Bob actually never got that close to the middle.

Also, Bob got his externship assignment. For 10 weeks (late July through early Oct.) he will work in Holyoak, MA (western MA) and live there. We are hoping that Ezra and I can stay with him at least some of the time, but for 5 of the ten weeks I will be going to Utah (thank you tax return). It is going to be hard, but I think we are all excited. Especially my family. So there you have it. Nothing too exciting, but we are happy and that's what counts.