Wednesday, June 20, 2012

IVF Update

I promise someday that I will post all about our trip to Utah, seeing Thomas, cleaning out the pool and other random happenings of the last couple of months. But for now I am going to tell you our latest news. I had my egg retrieval yesterday. I had 39 follicles which gave up 19 eggs, 18 of which were mature. Of those 18, 12 fertilized. They froze 8 of them this morning for later use, and are letting the other 4 continue to culture. With any luck we will have 2 good looking embryos to be transferred on Friday or possibly Sunday. Keep us in your prayers! With all the time that we waited, the money that we spent, and the pain we have endured, we cannot wait for another little one or two, so we really hope this works.

We should get a picture just like this of the embryos they actually transfer. I think that is pretty cool!