Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do we eat our bed?

To help Ezra understand when it is okay to do something, and when it is not, we ask him a lot of questions. These questions are usually about something that he just did wrong. For example, lets say Ezra colored on the wall...
Us:  "Do we color on the wall?"
Ezra: "nooo"
Us: "Do we color on our bed?"
Ezra: "nooo"
Us: "Do we color on the floor?"
Ezra: "nooo"
Us: "Do we color on paper?"
Ezra: "Yeah"
Us: "That's right, we only color on paper."

You will hear this for all sorts of things at our house. I often hear Ezra from the back seat of the car saying things like: "Do we kick the car? Noooo. Do we kick our friends? Nooo. Do we kick a ball? Yeah?", all to himself. I guess it is good reminding.

Lately we have had to ask "Do we eat our bed? nooo. Do we eat our toys? nooo. Do we eat Daddy? nooo. Do we eat our food? Yeah"! I think it works pretty well, but as you can see from the pictures it is not completely 100% effective.

These happened on at least two separate occasions. I think they happened when he should have been falling asleep for his nap, but needed a snack instead, I guess. The little stinker! You can see that I tried to color in one spot with a marker, but it clearly didn't work.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wow, that was fast!

I just posted our apartment on Craigslist this afternoon and within hours I already had 4 people interested. I am completely shocked. With our apartment not available until June I thought it would be a month or so until I had any interest. Turns out I have to clean my house well enough to be shown by Sunday! AAAAHH! I am freaking out just a bit. It was easy to make it look nice for pictures, when I could move all the stuff from one room to another. Where am I going to hide everything while we show it?

Posted                                                                                                                   Actual

Amazingly I had a hard time finding pictures of my messy house. This is due to my great photography framing skills more than my clean house maintenance skills I assure you!
P.S. Notice the cute quilt I made for Ezra's bed. (click to enlarge) I was really nervous about it, but I think it came out great!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Will it ever end?

As we sit at home through yet another storm in one of the snowiest winters on record, I can't help thinking that California can't come quick enough. GET ME OUT OF HERE!

These were actually taken a few storms ago.
They don't do the amount of snow we have received justice.
There is nowhere else to put it.

I heard on the radio a few weeks ago that most towns in MA had already spent their budgets for snow removal and were having to pull money from other places. It said that the city of Boston alone had spent $11 million on snow removal so far. Isn't that CRAZY!