Monday, January 16, 2012

Ezra's 3rd Birthday

Our little boy is not so little anymore. He turned three last month and even though his birthday was on Sunday we still had a party. Ezra wanted a construction party so we played some games along those lines. It was pretty fun, especially because Ezra was really into it all!

The cake didn't turn out quite like I was expecting, but Ezra liked it.

They all decorated their construction hats with construction stickers.

Next we enjoyed some Don't Eat Pete...

and then used a wrecking ball to demolish an old abandoned building.

I totally forgot all about the spaceship that I bought for them to build, but they enjoyed plenty when I remembered later in the week. Ezra was happy with the day and that was all that mattered!

Jessica came over to help me with the cake and we also made that Tangled tower
for my niece Bella. Her birthday was earlier in the week. (The same day as Bob's!)

He got oodles of presents, just what any boy needs three weeks before Christmas!

Monday, January 2, 2012


We started off November with this awesome nature lesson. I had just come inside and was making Ezra's lunch when I noticed a bee on my shoulder. I promptly flicked it away, but I must have stunned it because rather than fly off it landed in this spider web. When I looked over I noticed that a spider was coming out so Ezra and I watched it very quickly wrap up the bee. It was amazing to watch, and creepy to think that there had been a black widow in the house. In the end we killed it and enjoyed the experience. If you click on the pictures they should get bigger and you can really see the details.

This year we went to Utah for Thanksgiving. We got a great deal on flights and we couldn't miss Talya's baptism. It was really good to see most of the family!

 Once again, I swear I turned these, but whatever!
 Talya asked Bob to speak at her baptism and me to give the opening prayer. They also had all the cousins sing. We quickly taught Ezra the song and got him all excited about it. As soon as he saw her in the water he started to sing "I like to look for rainbows..." at the top of his lungs. It took us a while to convince him now was not the time to sing, and when the real time came he hardly sang at all. We were all happy to be part of Talya's special day!

 Talya was baptized by her Grandpa Mike and confirmed by my Dad.

We also had a family party while we were there. They ended up combining October, November and December all in one so there were a gazillion of us.

 I made this with my sister Jamie. I think our two visions combined led to a pretty awesome dinosaur.

 I thought it was very wise to just make each person a cupcake.

We had a great time in Utah and hope to get back that way sooner rather than later!