Friday, February 27, 2009

I don't normally do these...

Since I was the first person on the tag list, I will do this...and it will probably only happen this one time.

7 things I can do... enjoy Ezra, cook, embroidery, babysit, pray, love, try.
7 things I can't do... Ezra's surgery for him, hold Jett, hold Ava, pay for Bob's school, go home anytime soon, make others choices for them, keep my baby a baby forever.
7 things I say most... I love you, Oh really?, I miss you, Hi sweet boy, It's okay, How did he ever fit inside me? Ezra is so great (Bob and I seem to say this about 5 times an hour to each other).
7 goals I have this year... Read the whole Ensign each month, send all my family a card for their b-day, read my scriptures on my own daily, cook something new each month, lose this last little bit of baby belly, get in shape, enjoy more of Boston.

7 reasons I love Bob... He treats me really well, he's an amazing father, he teaches me a lot, he thinks he's funny, he suffers through school to better our family, he's my best friend, he's Bob!
7 things I love to eat... vanilla bean cheesecake, cereal, pasta, croissants, chocolate dipped strawberries, Tres Leches, Cafe Rio anything.

I choose to not tag anyone, but feel free to do this if you really want.

What could be better than having these two?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ah the Advantages of a Cleft!

I know this sounds bad I think one of the ways EmmaLee and I cope with Ezra's birth defect is to laugh it off. We kind of make fun of him (remind us to delete this post in case he ever becomes interested in reading our old blog some day). Don't get me wrong...we love him to death and think that he is extremely cute. We love his little "wide smile" and we wouldn't even get it fixed if it wasn't better for him in the long run. So in the spirit of taking what life has given and enjoying it, we present these photos for your enjoyment (sorry for the poor quality of these camera phone pictures).

Why bother with just a thumb?

I have my cake and eat it too.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lots to do, lots to say!

We have had a busy few weeks since we last posted. Bob's parents came to town on Jan. 27th. In order to get some cleaning done and allow Bob to study we sent Ezra over to the Russ' to be babysat for the first time. He did great and slept through the whole thing. We went to the temple with his parents the next morning and again have Emily Russ to thank for watching Ezra. That night Bob and his dad went to the Kings vs. Celtics game. Thursday my Grandma Denos and her sister Lena flew in. We didn't do anything to exciting due to the weather but we had a good time.

Ezra went to church for the first time and was blessed. For my own records sake, Johnny Russ, Brian Chase, Ted Quinn, Grandpa Bowling and of course Bob were in the circle. It was a beautiful blessing and luckily Ezra was quiet through the whole thing. Everybody left on Monday and we were back to the grind by Tuesday.

Ezra had an appointment at Childrens Hospital to get impressions taken for his latham device. He did so well. Even though the stuff made him gag he didn't cry. They also took a 3-D picture of him and it looked like they made a cartoon version of him. On Wednesday he went for his two month check up and his first round of shots. He weighs 11 pounds and is 23.5 inches long. He smiled for the doctor and was happy until the shots. He cried through those, but recovered quickly. I told the doctor that he can roll over and she was hesitant to believe me, so I had him do it in the office and recorded it. I'm also including some family pictures. (Man we owe Emily big time!) Hope you enjoy! P.S. He's sneezing in the below picture...isn't it adorable?