Monday, January 25, 2010

Our funny little kid!

I know most of you don't get to see Ezra very often, but he is such a funny kid. Sometimes after we have put him to bed we will hear noises and go in his room to check on him, and he will hurry and lay down and close his eyes. He is trying so hard to trick us into thinking that he is sleeping, but he can never wipe the grin off his face. If you look at him long enough (which isn't long) he will start giggling but still be doing all he can to keep his eyes squinted shut. He is just so funny!
Some of the things he is enjoying right now are:
-Pounding on his chest like a gorilla.
-Holding a cell phone up to his ear (more like the back of his neck) and saying "hello" which sounds more like hola!
-He has started to help me blow on his food when it is hot. He has even improved and I think his food gets blown on more than spit on these days.
-He likes to bounce on his knees. (See video below) The physical therapist said that this is a very hard skill for kids, and most don't do it until after they have been walking for a while. She said he is very strong and has scattered skills. Basically he is still not walking, but can still do things that are above his age range.

-Whenever I get out of the car he just grins and waves at me until I pull him out.
-He points the remote at the TV and pushes buttons. He also likes to stand at the TV and push the power button and all the buttons on the DVD player.
-He pulls all the shoes off the shoe rack any time he notices they have been picked up, as well as all the DVDs.
-We moved his fish into his room and he is obsessed with the thing. I can even get him to sign fish now!
-He loves to help unload the dishwasher but we limit him to the silverware.

-He loves to do our Mario Mix DDR. He always fails, but never tires of "dancing" around on the pad. He even gets a few perfects every now and again!
-He loves to wrestle his daddy! I can never decide who enjoys it more, Bob or Ezra?
-He loves to eat lemons, even though they make him make crazy faces. (I think that is the real reason he likes them, because we all laugh at him!)

It's a bad picture but it is the best one I got of his face.
Unfortunately Ezra is not one to perform so it is hard to get videos or pictures of him doing all of these wonderful things. All in due time I guess!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ezra comes from the land of the ice and the snow....

...but he sure doesn't act like it.

I could convince you he liked it based on this picture...

but then you would just see this picture and know I was lying.

We took Ezra sledding shortly upon returning to Boston. It was cold and snowing and he obviously didn't enjoy himself. I'm not sure if it was because he was already in a bad mood, or if he is just too much of a California boy at heart. I thought we could let Bob have a little fun at least, but Ezra cried when Bob went by himself too. So sledding adventure #1: ten minutes. Hopefully we can expect more out of him this winter considering he got an awesome snow suit for G&G Bowling for his birthday.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas in California

As most of you know we went to California for Christmas this year. Believe it or not, it was actually our first time going home for Christmas since we got married. It was really nice to be with family, and to share in their testimonies of the Savior. Ezra did well on all the flights and we are really glad that we went. We just wish we could have spent more time with all of the family!

Ezra spent most of the first day exploring Grandma and Grandpa's.
He really enjoyed the balls on the tree, or should I say off the tree!

Modeling Grandma's glasses; not a bad fit.

Hanging with Lily. (He even enjoyed a bath with Lily.)

This is the only picture of the two of us so eat your hearts out!

The first thing Ezra did Christmas morning was brush his teeth.
He just wanted to make his daddy and Grandpa proud.

Santa brought Ezra some cool bouncy balls in his stocking.

He also enjoyed a tangerine from Santa.
Ezra was obsessed with Parker and followed her around like a lost puppy. Even if she made him cry, he still wanted to hang out with her. He and Ava did enjoy a little time together, and they play really well together, but if Parker was around, he was usually more interested in torturing her. Ezra also enjoyed Luca A LOT. He wouldn't even sit down for Christmas dinner with us because he wanted to chase the dog around. The rest of the day was spent with people feeding Luca to try to keep him in one place so that Ezra could have his fun. I don't know where he got such a love for dogs, but I would prefer this over him being terrified of them.

Parker was kind enough to make sure Ezra knew how his toys worked.

He also wanted to know how her toys worked.
Bolt stood by to do any necessary rescuing.

This Princess piano book was one hot comodity, even for the only little boy around.

Enjoying some alone time with Ava! They were so cute together.

By the end of the day they were doing bottle swaps.
I think Ava's milk consumption went down while Ezra's went way up.
We really want to thank Grandma and Grandpa Bowling for letting us share a wonderful Christmas with them.   Thanks to the McDowell's for spoiling us (I love the adjustable waist pants for Ezra) and for not getting sick of playing with us. Thank you Keian for the awesome farm, and Grandma and Grandpa Lundin for spoiling us even though you had to ship it all. Thank you's also go out to Cory and Natalia, GG&GG Denos, and Ron, Brooke, Trey and Tate for the great gifts. This post is getting long so thank you to all the people I am not mentioning. We had a great Christmas, and the best part was we didn't think about Santa much at all!