Monday, March 5, 2012

Un-posted Phone Pics!

I feel bad that we haven't blogged much lately (or pretty much since we moved), but I never really take pictures because we never do anything that exciting. So instead I will post all the pictures of things that we did that were only documented on my phone (Probably not in chronological order). Enjoy!

Back in August we were watching D&J's kids and daily picking two different gardens.
Despite our best efforts we still came across whoppers like this fairly often.

We also went to Zions camp for some fishing. Sadly this is the only one we caught.

We ate at Home Town Buffet and I asked Bob to get Ezra some sprinkles for his ice cream.
Bob came back with a bowl full of sprinkles which Ezra proceeded to make a huge mess with.

More fishing (but this time at a nasty pond). Bob was so excited to take Ezra fishing.
After a few nasty outings like this for 2 inch fish I told Bob he had to scout out 
locations before taking Ezra and I along!

These next few come from the Butte County Fair. It was okay, but would have been better 
if Ezra was a little older or had a ten year old sibling. He was too little to ride alone on some rides,
and Bob and I were too big to ride with him! LAME-O!

He really enjoyed the little kid section.

Sorry I didn't rotate this one and am too lazy to rectify the situation.

He loved digging for quarters! I think he found a couple of dollars worth so wahoo!

Again, too lazy to fix this picture. We went to see the salmon run. 
I had no idea salmon were so big! It was pretty cool to see them jump.

We went to a fun park in Chico with the cousins. I actually did blog that outing,
but these are pictures from the ice cream trip to finish off the day.

We got to go to opening night for the Kings in Dec. We had awesome seats
and it was a great game! Thanks for taking us Craig!

One of our many outings in the truck. I think we were taking garbage/recyclables to the dump.
Ezra always wants my glasses, but usually wears them upside down. He said the big
dip is for my nose then the little dip is for his nose.

In January we went to Greylodge with all the cousins (minus Rachel and Nathan).
I wonder how old they will all be before we get a good picture.

Ezra has hypo-calcification on some of his teeth thanks to the cleft.
Sadly he had to get a filling when some of his tooth broke off. 
He HATED it, but is getting better about the dentist.

And last but not least Ezra can right his own name. He did this with no help or direction.


Cami said...

This was a good idea! :) Fun to see all the pictures :)

I've been wanting to do this but don't have a way to put the pictures from my phone on to my computer. Some day...

Steve and Sherrie said...

Oh, the Butte County Fair. What memories...Glad to see the next generation enjoy it. Funny how Dad always managed to be out of town the weekend of the Fair...

Allison said...

You're life looks way too boring. I think you need to move back to Boston, at least for another year :). Just kidding!

Anne said...

My girls were bitterly disappointed to miss the Fair last summer. I love the picture of his name. He is so smart!