Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easter Egg

This year was Ezra's first year at a Bowling Easter event.  He started the day by searching out his Easter basket.  I really like this picture of him inspecting his Buzz Lightyear Pez dispenser.

Anticipating the big hunt with Ava. (It was actually the weekend before!)

I also really like this one of him checking out this frog-shaped egg.

I titled this post as such because I'm including a few bonus pictures from before Easter.  The first set is Ezra's first time using real binoculars.  The other picture is what he was actually looking at.

Much to my dislike, EmmaLee started painting Ezra's toenails when he was little.  Now every time she re-does her nails he wants his done too.  The other day she left everything out and Ezra decided he wanted to do a different color on his own.  It may not look like it in these pictures, but he actually did a pretty good job, especially with his toes.  He only got a little bit on the carpet and the nails were painted fairly well despite the excess.

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Steve and Sherrie said...

We loved having you here for the hunt! Fun pictures. Love Ezra's intense inspection of things.